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Hi all? 

I had also never payed much attention to the fact that the HOT Logo was not open licensed and is copyrighted, but from the responses given, it's now clear on how the logo should be used, and Richard can go ahead with his presentation without any worries.

I had also read about the logo here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team_Logo#Using_the_logo, and when using HOT material i usually follow the guidelines for using open source products/services: making a reference to the owners of the material, not claiming that it is my own work, and have never made derivative works.

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Yeah we didn't open license the hot logo.......
So it's copyright HOT but of course people should feel to make use of it in anything like this.

For the avoidance of doubt in this instance: as a member of the HOT board I hereby grant you permission to use the HOT logo in your presentation.

Harry Wood

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I honestly didn't even realize it was copyrighted=).

I think we just don't want people claiming association with HOT when
they aren't acting in our interests. Meaning if someone was using the
logo to get projects or something.

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