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OK, thanks Harry.



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Yes there's absolutely no need to ask for permission to do that!


(If you didn't already do so) create an account on OpenStreetMap.org and run
through the beginners guide or maybe this guide:
http://en.flossmanuals.net/openstreetmap/  to learn a bit about using the
editors, and just go ahead and try it!


(If you didn't already do so.) Head to http://tasks.hotosm.org/ and try
acquiring some tasks, and working on some building mapping in Pedang. This
is still an important task, and we need to make more progress with it and
promote this activity more


If you want to help in with other aspects (more or less technical aspects)
this should be generally done with a good understanding of how basic
OpenStreetMap mapping works. The above steps to get started are the most
sensible way to get a feel for everything, even if you want to contribute in
other ways.


But maybe you know all this, and did all this already.  In which case
there's many ways you can help with more techy skills.


Anyone any good at making screencasts? I was suggesting last night that we
could do with a screencast video tutorial on using the hot tasking server to
help people get going with this Pedang mapping.






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Of course you can.

Anyone can work on any job in the tasking manager any time. The only
constraint is to have an OSM user account and minimal mapping skills.

Feel free to contribute!

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 10:21 AM, Nelson <nelsonjsilva at simplesnet.pt> wrote:



I would like to know, if i can work as a volunteer in your project?

I’m a Portuguese GIS professional and at this moment I don’t have job. So I
have some free time.


Thanks for your attention.




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