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Before you select a Job, you must start JOSM Application.  Then when you will close the window, going back to JOSM, you will see a square area corresponding to your task.

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Thanks Jean and Jim for your answers.
I’m not a JOSM user. I have downloaded the tested JOSM file and open it. When I try to Take a Job in the Tasking Manager, he said “If you have JOSM already running, closing this dialog box should load data for the area of the current task,” but then he gives an error. I must install JOSM or can I use this JAR file or the JOSM-webstart?
I downloaded the export.osm and loaded him in JOSM. Then I try to add the images in menu Imagery>Rectified Images, right? But gives me a red background and the word error. I have see the messages in last December related to this, and use the “-“ instead of the “!”
Any suggestion? 
Sorry my newbie questions for JOSM, but it is my first time with it.
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