[HOT] FW: Padang image problems

Nelson nelsonjsilva at simplesnet.pt
Thu Jan 26 15:06:23 GMT 2012

Thanks Pierre.

After configuring the images in Preferences, when i try to add then to JOSM,
he shows the name of each image in red and with error

I try with boot "!" and "-".

Sorry my beginner's doubts

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This page may help you:

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 3:44 PM, Nelson <nelsonjsilva at simplesnet.pt> wrote:
> Thanks Jean and Jim for your answers.
> I’m not a JOSM user. I have downloaded the tested JOSM file and open it.
> When I try to Take a Job in the Tasking Manager, he said “If you have JOSM
> already running, closing this dialog box should load data for the area of
> the current task,” but then he gives an error. I must install JOSM or can
> use this JAR file or the JOSM-webstart?
> I downloaded the export.osm and loaded him in JOSM. Then I try to add the
> images in menu Imagery>Rectified Images, right? But gives me a red
> background and the word error. I have see the messages in last December
> related to this, and use the “-“ instead of the “!”
> Any suggestion?
> Sorry my newbie questions for JOSM, but it is my first time with it.
> NS
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