[HOT] Tasking Manager - Feedback and upcoming evolution

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 19:50:35 GMT 2012

Hi all,

In the following document, I put together the most interesting
feedback comments contributors made about the tasking manager. The
bolder words are those I paid attention to.

I would sum up things with the following list of feature requests:

 - split tasks:
Many users asked for this feature. It now looks obvious that mapping
main roads, minor roads or buildings represents a complete different
work. A job should be separated into different "tasks". Each task
would be materialized by a type of feature to map as well as a tile
(or area) size.
I started to design this new workflow. Please check it out here:

 - help mappers to communicate with each other:
Would a chat per job (in-the-page as in Facebook) help?

 - second subdivision (1 tile into a 2x2 grid) for complicated areas:
I agree that this would be a nice yet useful feature. I think however
that this it's not easy to develop. I can think a bit more about it if
you think that this is a must-have.

 - assigning tasks according to priority:
This was asked by Kate at the begining of the project. It has been
postponed to future.

Thanks for your feedbacks (again).


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