[HOT] Hello All

Big Fat Frog bigfatfrog67 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 21:49:29 BST 2012


Firstly I'd like to thank Kate Chapman for her unwitting introduction to 
HOT. I saw a post of hers to OSMF-TALK and got the intro to HOT from her 

I've been contributing to OSM since last year and have been 
concentrating on my local area, however to find a way of improving the 
maps in areas of the World that need it more is great.

I have a few questions though:

1. I've looked at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Indonesia for 
guidance but am not sure wether all the Tags should be in English or 
Indonesian, I'm guessing English.

2. Just how much detail do you want put in and don't say "as much as 
possible".  Do you want each building traced or just the area marked as 
to landuse?

3. How much guess work do you want?  I've never been to Indonesia so 
have little knowledge of the type land cover there is. For example do 
you want me to mark watercourses down hillsides that are covered in 
forest, i.e. the stream is not visible to imagery but the valley is 
clear and there's bound to be a watercourse at the bottom of it?

4. It's very hard to tell the difference between residential housing, 
farm buildings and even some tourist accommodation. Do you want me to 
make educated guess based on location, surrounding land etc or do want 
it left simply marked as a buidling and leave it to ground surveys 
and/or local knowledge.

5. Are there any other open sources that can be used to identify road 
names/numbers, names of towns/villages or even the type of 
landuse/landcover is typical around Indonesia?

6. The tasking tool http://tasks.hotosm.org is a fantastic way of giving 
us mappers the confidence to wade into a particular area, however a few 
improvements would be great:
	a. If I'm Validating tasks I don't want to be presented with my own 
tasks to validate, just other peoples.
	b. A zoom in/out option on the little map with the tasks on.
	c. A minor point but a Zoom level 15 would be a better initial zoom 
when editing the task area.
Hope you don't think I'm whinging but those were my first thoughts of 
this excellent process.

Lastly, I'm wondering if we could utilise the Geocaching community to 
make maps by hiding virtual caches in an area you want mapped then 
giving directions/clues to where it is by giving geo clues, they would 
have to place those geo clues on OSM to somehow reveal the virtual 
cache.  In the process the land is mapped?

Anyway, enough for now.


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