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> Hi all,
> While mapping "Lombok Island" and also validating others' work I've
> noticed a recent tendancy for some to double sketch.
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> I think this happens when someone draws elements from imagery without
> having downloaded this portion of the OSM database.
> They don't see that's already on the db, and finish by doubling it.
> For the double sketching I will also add that in Indonesia the internet
connections are very poor and unreliable, by an large, and that during an
upload errors or failed connections in an upload can prompt a double upload

I was having this issue myself even with a fast and reliable connection (I
mean, even fast and reliable is NOTHING compared to what I had in Holland,
I'm really speaking about "relatively fast").

In the upload dialog I always have to choose the advanced properties to
upload in batches of 10.  This seems to have fixed this for me.  I spent
lots of time deleted duplicates, but I am sure I missed some.

For double tags on Mosques, I just add that I tag the node and an area, the
building, so it's double, yes, but, without an example I'm not sure if this
is what you are referring to.

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