[HOT] Editing grids

Michael Krämer ohrosm at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 23 12:29:08 BST 2012

I agree that real conflicts are quite rare. So I am not even really sure 
if they cause for the duplicates we've seen. Some of the duplicates I 
came across when mapping Padang were untagged ways - for me a strong 
indication that a newbie had mapped this. This typically came down to 
really only a few users.

The chance for a conflict is typically rather small. Also the tasking 
manager helps besides dividing the project in individual tasks: You can 
see where somebody is at work. So it's probably a good idea to keep some 
distance and not to pick an adjacent square.


Am 23.06.2012 12:08, schrieb Harry Wood:
> Yes I think editing conflicts are something that technical people
> naturally worry about, but it's never been such a big problem
> actually.

> Back in the early days I remember people would often say that mappers
> should be treating it like checking code into CVS:  Do downloads
> regularly to update your data from the state on the server, then
> finally do a download immediately prior to uploading, fix your
> conflicts (This can include checking if anything new appeared in your
> area, creating a duplicate with new data you are just about to
> upload), and only upload when it's all fixed. There's probably some
> fastidious mappers who still stick to this approach, but we came to
> realise that it's a bit confusing to explain to newbies, and 99% of
> the time it's unnecessary. It turns out conflicts just don't happen
> that often.
> However...
> Experienced HOTties should be aware of the old download before upload
> recommendation. If you have reason to believe that a conflict is more
> likely than normal, then it's a good idea to do it. e.g.  if you're
> editing in an area *immediately* after an announcement/call to
> action,  or if you have held your data in JOSM for more than an hour
> since originally downloading. This is no doubt common on an
> intermittent internet connection, but also if you're doing a mammoth
> mapping session you might keep in mind how long ago it was that you
> fetched the data from the server.
> There's even a "file" menu "Update data", which is specifically
> designed for this. It re-downloads all the same areas you originally
> downloaded.
> However I don't think we should push this as a massively important
> recommendation. It's more important to remind everyone to "upload
> early, upload often". And doubly more important to not be frightened
> of contributing. Be bold!  And this includes more experienced mappers
> being bold about scooting around fixing stuff up across the wider
> areas covered by these tasking manager jobs.  ...as I said in a blog
> post:
> http://hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2012-06-22_finishing_off_the_refugee_camp_mapping

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