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Ur not the only one.

the topic surely interest others but what I remember of/from the comments from before a number of ppl had doubts on how to do this -- and to what extent OSM is a good/ ideal/ suitable platform for gathering this data.

I gotta say that I still have enough other more tangible things to learn, master and do in OSM that I don't have too much opinion about these things.

Having said that I would like to get some thoughts, clarification and perhaps development especially regarding tagging of regularly varying barriers / road/path/track conditions such as flood_prone, muddy surface, ford vs dry river_bed, tagging of bits of road that always get washed out during rainy season, etc

I feel that both keys:
can cater to these needs but I feel--and may well simply be ignorant here--that there aren't widely accepted conventions for using these.
... And should there be a explicit tag for seasonal -- or would it just be intermittent=seasonal??

How do I eg tag roads that are "higher-than-track" usually but that become tracks (as in: 4wd accessible only, sometimes only "special vehicle" like tractor, off-road truck or similar) during rainy times -- or that become completely inaccessible for any vehicles?

This is very typical in Haiti and I gather that same applies for all countries with heavy rains (especially combined with less-than-ideal infra).

All thoughts or pointers regarding this issue would b highly appreciated.

Let's take the case of "normal flooding" of rivers.
How about we call it just that?

Another tagging "scheme" I've thought a lot about but may not have yet used at all is for the tagging of more-or-less wide riverbeds that have more-or-less always a bit of water in the.
This could be another option for you:
Waterway=river/stream (for where the river/stream runs)
Combined with
+ intermittent=yes/seasonal/annual/rainy_season/etc for the area where the river _runs_ during the rainy season/ floods.

From the top of my head I would still tag something that says flood* in cases / for areas that are that: flooded.

In my understanding/ terminology flooding would be at least those areas where the water is more standing than running. .. I'm sure there are flood areas where the water is actually moving enough to talk about riverbank. Perhaps for those areas the riverbank=seasonal (or intermittent=yes/seasonal/etc) is a good idea?

Thoughts, just thoughts..

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