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Hi Stephane,

In your wiki page,  you suggest the incorporation of natural hazard data either in OSM or in a fork project of OSM. Your definitions are interesting and lets hope that some discussions will eventually emerge from all of that.


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>I know I am bit insisting (and maybe I'm the only one interested in the topic?) but what I don't like with the flood_prone = yes is that it is not easily extensible to other types of hazards (landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, cyclones...), that are of the highest relevance for many parts of the world. Am I the only one here who thinks that we should rather try to promote a model that allows for inclusion of other natural hazards? 
>This wiki page is my first effort towards this but I am 100% ready to re-think the whole if someone has a better idea!
>And to come back to the initial question, I guess that waterway=riverbank must be used in almost everycase, to delineate the "normal" extent of the rivers. Even in areas with huge fluctuations of the water levels, people are clever enough to build infrastructure where there is *in general* no water. flood_prone=yes (or any similar tag) should be reserved for extents bigger than waterway=riverbank (and where, usually, you will find fields, houses... that might be affected by the high waters).
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