[HOT] Comparing Imagery between Padang and Yogyakarta

Michael Krämer ohrosm at googlemail.com
Tue May 15 21:03:30 BST 2012


Am 15.05.2012 20:30, schrieb Kate Chapman:
> Those of you that digitized in Padang could you compare the imagery
> there (1) to what is available in Yogyakarta (2) through Bing?
> Would you be as likely to digitize in Yogyakarta with the imagery that
> is available? Is it sufficient. The resolution is not quite the same
> in Yogya and the buildings are more dense. Just looking for some
> opinions.
Well, I used the Digital Globe images for Padang - from a quick look the 
Bing imagery for Yogyakarta looks at least as good for me. In Padang 
there were areas where you really had a hard time distinguishing 
individual buildings. I haven't come across the same in Yogyakarta yet.

But looking at the sheer amount of buildings and their density I 
honestly felt a bit discouraged. This would be a really huge task to map 
all those. So even if it could be mapped from Bing, images with higher 
resolution could make the task easier.

Michael (user Ohr)

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