[HOT] Re : Blog post about last weeks Camp Roberts/RELIEF Mapping

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Thu May 31 17:16:53 BST 2012

Harry Wood <mail at harrywood.co.uk> wrote on May 31 2012

> As with the polygon areas you've been developing, it does remind 
me more and more of the tool called "MapCraft"
>  which already exists, and
 which we *could* already  use for HOT stuff in fact.  We use it London 
mapping parties.

The Progress map feature is interesting. It might be a layer in the Task manager map for a particular task, if not to hard to maintain.

> So
 I'm thinking a chatroom feature on the tasking manager might be more 
lively and better used if it was simply
>  a view onto the #hot IRC 
channel.  This would also make the IRC channel more lively and better used. 
>  Maybe you were thinking of having a different chatroom per job.

One chat room with log feature should do the job. The role of this chat room is to complement rather then replace the work of the coordinator and the wiki page.

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