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Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Wed Oct 3 04:28:45 BST 2012

I don't remember that this new tool would have been mentioned here.
It is a wonderful addition to the not-so-numerous monitoring tools that
helps checking what's going on in your area a lot easier.

Note also the undocumented tip on the bottom to filter out edits by a given
username (at bottom).

I created a bookmarklet (based on previous
that makes it a breeze to access a given user's WHODIDIT view (for a
predefined area and time range). Example for Hispanola at z8 and 31 days:

- name: WHODIDIT Hispanola by user last 31 days from userpage:
OpenStreetMap Changeset Analyzer
- URL:
not a valid OSM user page.') }

I find the eternity choice (which translates into 1000 days) very neat:

All in all, the tool/service makes following edits in a given area or by
certain user(s) a _significantly_ easier. Big thanks to IZ for this!

Finally, and having noted the above, take the results of the service with a
grain of salt: After verifying a few users including myself for areas that
these users are known to have edited even the eternity (1000 days) option
doesn't always show edits. Haven't asked why but that clearly seems to be
the case in some instances.


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For a long time now, there has been no tool to properly monitor an area.
Essentially the only way of doing it is to filter changeset history by bbox
(thanks to Pavel for his RSS filter btw). OWL has been turned off, ITO-like
visualizations are pretty but unuseful. The simple question "who has
deleted my road?" turned out to be very hard to answer.

But there has been a simple solution, that I'm amazed no one has come to
before. To cut long story short, I present to you the service to answer the
frequently asked question: WHO DID IT?


It basically downloads hourly replication diffs and stores information on
affected 0.01-degree tiles, along with extra information, like user name or
a number of modified objects. Then it is possible to do some analysis of
that data, to rid users of doing it themselves: which changesets should
they pay most attention to, where was anything deleted, and which tiles
have only got new data.

Obviously this service relies only on nodes: other objects do not have
spatial information on them in diffs; querying the server every time is
expensive, and keeping minutely planet database is no less costly. I've
preloaded WHODIDIT with the data since 1st of July, and it's only one
gigabyte per three months of changes (half of which are indices). Yes, you
can see what redaction bot has touched.

Also it allows to make RSS feed similar to OWL's. I think everything is
pretty straightforward, and there is an instruction picture:


The source is licensed WTFPL, and it should be very easy to set up, for
example, a mirror or a regional version of this service. It's entirely in
Perl/PHP/MySQL. Check it at

Oh, and if you see no tiles, try zooming in, levels 12-13 should have
everything. I've not yet figured how to pass error messages to the
front-end, so there is no helpful message.

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Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 2:02 AM
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Willi wrote:

 Is it possible to deselect a userid? When surveying an area I would prefer
> to see just the changes others made. I know mine.

You can write into user filter '!Willi' (without quotes). There is no such
button in the UI at the moment.


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