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Lukasz Kruk lukasz.kruk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 15:35:20 BST 2012

Dear HOTsters (HOTties?),

That's my first post here, so I presume that a short introduction is in
order? I'm a recent graduate of MSc in Geospatial Technologies, during
which I was fortunate enough to have a number of humanitarian issues used
as case studies for GIS applications. Currently I'm leading the IT Team at
one of Geneva's IM-oriented humanitarian NGOs.

I'd like to start my participation here with a question - probably
something fairly well known to those in humanitarian aid world, but fairly
new to me: data availability and the approach to the problem by those who
(theoretically?) have the power to make a difference. I know that the topic
is enough for a book or few, so I'll try to use a specific example: what do
you think about OCHA's CODs and FODs:


is this data actually useful, complete, high-quality? Is the availability
of it any help when data is actually needed? Is there any benefit for
having for example elevation data in there, if it's no higher resolution
than SRTM? What about free data provided by
http://www.naturalearthdata.com/ while
a lot of countries don't have any data assigned on COD/FOD page? All and
any thoughts and comments are welcome.

I hope that this question makes sense here (I'm sorry if it doesn't!), and
will be grateful for any feedback.


pozdrawiam - kind regards - cumprimentos - mfg
Łukasz Kruk
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