[HOT] 3 Questions about the mapping in Lira

Philipp Schultz swissoptimist at gmx.ch
Thu Oct 11 20:30:55 BST 2012


Its my first message in this mailing list therefore I should introduce
myself. I am mapping for OSM since 2008 first only with GPS tracks in the
areas I live (Switzerland) or travel or work (mainly Europe an a bit of
Asia), now allways more with various open  Areal Images.

I am a civil-engineer that shifted to GIS, Orthophotography and CAD 15
years ago to end up managing big IT projects. Openstreetmap is a way to
keep drawing maps and look at aerial images.

Question one
I am mapping in Lira for a few days now using the Bing high resolution
maps. By the way, I am using an Offset of 2;2m in JOSM that makes it
correspond to
http://hiu-maps.net/hot/1.0.0/lira_1_flipped/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png and looks
coherent with the gps tracks that can be downloaded using JOSM.

- Are there other advices about the value of the offset?

Question two
I have seen that not every mapper seems aware of the Bing Imagery because
some tasks are marked done although there would be more to get using Bing.
I've fixed three tiles until now.

- If the tile is marked as done, should I send it back in the workflow, an
take it for fixing?

Question 3 (see attached image)
I do often see something tha looks like a buiding in construction, but the
smaller ones could also be stable or places to keep goods or animal at a
safe place. Since there are a lot of those object it looks strange to me
that there is such a construction activity in Lira. Could there be ruins or
long lasting construction projects?

What is that object?

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