[HOT] 3 Questions about the mapping in Lira

Katrina Engelsted katrina at engelsted.co
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All good questions.  I am also curious about the answers.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 3:30 AM, Philipp Schultz <swissoptimist at gmx.ch>wrote:

> Hello,
> Its my first message in this mailing list therefore I should introduce
> myself. I am mapping for OSM since 2008 first only with GPS tracks in the
> areas I live (Switzerland) or travel or work (mainly Europe an a bit of
> Asia), now allways more with various open  Areal Images.
> I am a civil-engineer that shifted to GIS, Orthophotography and CAD 15
> years ago to end up managing big IT projects. Openstreetmap is a way to
> keep drawing maps and look at aerial images.
> Question one
> ==========
> I am mapping in Lira for a few days now using the Bing high resolution
> maps. By the way, I am using an Offset of 2;2m in JOSM that makes it
> correspond to
> http://hiu-maps.net/hot/1.0.0/lira_1_flipped/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png and looks
> coherent with the gps tracks that can be downloaded using JOSM.
> - Are there other advices about the value of the offset?
> Question two
> ==========
> I have seen that not every mapper seems aware of the Bing Imagery because
> some tasks are marked done although there would be more to get using Bing.
> I've fixed three tiles until now.
> - If the tile is marked as done, should I send it back in the workflow, an
> take it for fixing?
> Question 3 (see attached image)
> ========
> I do often see something tha looks like a buiding in construction, but the
> smaller ones could also be stable or places to keep goods or animal at a
> safe place. Since there are a lot of those object it looks strange to me
> that there is such a construction activity in Lira. Could there be ruins or
> long lasting construction projects?
> What is that object?
> Regards
> --
> Philipp
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