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Just want to say that I have started the OpenHazardMap wiki page because I
saw it as something quite relevant for HOT and OSM but many people on the
list had a different view.

Although I would be happy if my idea convinced the community I would
discourage you to use the tags I have proposed before a consensus has been

But maybe it's the occasion to bring up the topic again!



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On Sep 5, 2012 7:07 PM, "hyances at gmail.com" <hyances at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Will,
> For unpaved roads with a width of less than 5 meters but still allow a
> vehicle crossing propose to use:
> highway = service
> service = alley
> surface = unpaved
> source = bing
> For most appropriate playgrounds is
> leisure = playground
> The border flood is best taken in the field with GPS and yes, label it
> floodprone = yes
> It is possible to combine with the labels proposed by
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenHazardMap
> What say?
> Humberto Yances
> 2012/9/6 william skora <skorasaurus at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> Apologies for the delays. Here's some answers to a few questions.
>>  "In some cases of
>> really narrow, hardly visible streets or deep inside a residential
>> area I've used living_street because I assume pedestrians or children
>> playing football use them more often than cars."
>> Regarding the tags of ways, we've done a great job so far, given the
>> ambiguity of the areas, osm tags, and current situation. As most of
>> you have consistently tagged, a majority of the ways as
>> highway=residential (which is appropriate, mostly houses are very
>> small businesses, run out of the home or as a storefront).
>> However, as discussed in the quoted portion and in this picture
>> http://imgur.com/AuNTC - there are a few ways that are not very wide
>> and deserve more consideration.
>> I did a very rough measurement using the measurement plugin and bing
>> imagery, the one in the examples are ~3.5 meters wide, just wide
>> enough for a smaller car or typical taxi. In my experience in dakar
>> for several months, some of these ways still have cars pass through
>> them, although may or may not receive a little less traffic than
>> other, wider streets that are marked as residential . However, there
>> are also many ways, with different levels of visibility on bing
>> imagery, that aren't wide enough for a car to go through, surrounded
>> by residential buildings (likely the best tag for those,
>> highway=footway. When I first started mapping dakar, I tagged the
>> narrow ways as highway=service. In a few cases that I surveyed in
>> person, I've tagged them as highway=footway. In summary, on the ground
>> surveying would provide the context and information that the bing
>> imagery can't provide so I'm not sure what tags would be most
>> appropriate for these narrower ways without on the ground surveying. I
>> hesistate to use highway=living_street
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Living_street since there aren't
>> (as far as I know) any traffic laws that categorize these narrower
>> ways than from other residential ways.
>> I spoke to one mapper on the ground in Dakar who told me the
>> areas/ways that Harry mentioned in a conversation a couple days ago
>> are used mostly by kids as play areas; so leisure=pitch ? or
>> playground ? (although there's no equipment ?).
>> Lastly, there are some areas that are more floodprone than others.
>> Personally, I would hesistate for others to tag them ([based solely on
>> bing imagery] and think this may be a job most appropriate to those
>> who are on the ground or have been. What tags have been used ? Any
>> recommended strategies ?
>> Regards,
>> will.
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