[HOT] On the Ground in Gulu

Reinier Battenberg reinier.battenberg at mountbatten.net
Fri Sep 7 07:58:36 BST 2012


Just wanted to let all volunteers on the RedCross project in Gulu & Lira know 
there is a lot going on, on the ground in Gulu this week.

Robert is training Red Cross staff, and our very own Katy & Douglas are 
training at the Gulu University today (funded by the Indigo Trust).

The work done remotely is really stunning. I really hope we can create a group 
of people on the ground that can fill in the local detail, and more 
importantly, start using the map for their own purposes.

Here's the university, ready for student's updates:

And here is more on the Mapping Day Road Trip 2012

You can follow Douglas & Katy's updates on @mapuganda while they travel around 
the country.


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