[HOT] Locations in DRC, Tanzania

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 17:36:19 BST 2012


I started looking at OSM and bing imagery in the Moba area.  Initially I
just cleaned up the roads, but I did a bit of looking around at the rest of
the town.  Someone has imported all the school loctions in Moba as nodes,
and looking at the imagery for buildings which are not obvious houses and
not schools leaves only a few potential candidates.  I will be mapping out
just a few select buildings around the city to start with, mostly the
school facilities and other important looking stuff.  If I find any other
good candidates I might try to share them on the list here as well, if you
think that would be useful.

Here is the one I think looks like a pretty good candidate for Moba General
Hospital.  I am not confident enough to actually tag it as that but if you
have some other information it might help you confirm whether this is it or


Actually, looking at that on a larger map now, that might not be it as it
looks like the core of Moba is farther northeast of there, which is the
more likely location.  I will keep my eyes peeled though for other
interesting stuff in the area.

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