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Thanks so much!

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> Aaron,
> I started looking at OSM and bing imagery in the Moba area.  Initially I
> just cleaned up the roads, but I did a bit of looking around at the rest of
> the town.  Someone has imported all the school loctions in Moba as nodes,
> and looking at the imagery for buildings which are not obvious houses and
> not schools leaves only a few potential candidates.  I will be mapping out
> just a few select buildings around the city to start with, mostly the
> school facilities and other important looking stuff.  If I find any other
> good candidates I might try to share them on the list here as well, if you
> think that would be useful.
> Here is the one I think looks like a pretty good candidate for Moba
> General Hospital.  I am not confident enough to actually tag it as that but
> if you have some other information it might help you confirm whether this
> is it or not.
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/2417099
> Actually, looking at that on a larger map now, that might not be it as it
> looks like the core of Moba is farther northeast of there, which is the
> more likely location.  I will keep my eyes peeled though for other
> interesting stuff in the area.
> -AndrewBuck
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