[HOT] Presentation

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sat Sep 22 18:43:34 BST 2012

		Hi every body,

	I'm new the HOT mailing list. I'm not really involved in humanitarian 
activities nor in crisis management. Indeed, I'm an classical OSM 
contributor in Madagascar. I'm traveling in Madagascar for a decade and 
specifically surveying since 4 years. In somehow, I'm working before the 
crisis ;-) I try to organize the OSM work on Madagascar through the wiki 
(in French):


I'm coming there for two reasons. The first one is to ask for help. The 
recent release by Bing of a large amount of high resolution satellite 
views largely involved Madagascar. Before it, only Antananarivo, the 
main city, was covered with HD. So, now, people out of Madagascar may 
help in drawing roads, streets and so on. I can direct them to specific 

The second reason is to discussion about tagging of elements that can be 
typically found in Madagascar but not in industrial countries. I imagine 
that such elements may also be found in other countries where HOT people 
have to work on.



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