[HOT] Presentation

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Wed Sep 26 20:25:23 BST 2012

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your answer.

We may set-up a task. But before, I need to learn more about the tasking 
manager. I think, I will do some tasks before.

Right now, I'm trying to organize the work on Madagascar roads with the 
wiki, especially the part on road achievement:
I did an inventory of all national roads with description, achievement, 
availability of Bing views. I also tried to add in OSM start and end 
cities for each road and, beginning and end of the road.

For the wiki translation, well... this is quite a big task. And, for 
better quality, it is usually recommended to translate from a foreign 
language to his own one :-p . But I may start with parts about achievement.

Concerning the differences, it is first about health system. Second, it 
is about road status and obstacles. I just discovered a HOT wiki page on 
this. I may pick up some ideas and suggest some improvement. I'm also 
wondering if some tags could be added in advance for hypothetic 
forthcoming crisis. I will open specific threads for each topic.


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