[HOT] Activation Protocol!

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 29 21:50:47 UTC 2013


I invite you to contribute towards this outline sketch of HOT's activation protocol.

Activation is the core of what HOT does. We ask  humanitarian organizations to rely on us for it. We do it well, but what activation is, well, that's locked up in our collective heads. We need to get it defined clearly, for ourselves, for our future selves, for our partners. The need for an activation protocol hit me (again) when I jumped in to address the potential activation request for the Sichuan earthquake. We've had a lot of discussions about doing something about it. I decided just to put a stake in the ground and get moving.

So please, contribute to the HackPad doc. Keep in mind the creation of a document, rather than a discussion. We can build up some steam there, and schedule a chat about soon.

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