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You'll find below two job positions as part of Kumusha Takes Wiki project.
Feel free to forward it accordingly to communities it may interest.

Thanks a lot



Call for Wikipedian in Community

Job description: Wikipedian in Community

WikiAfrica is looking for two Wikipedians in Community for its Kumusha 
Takes Wiki Project.
Kumusha Takes Wiki is a multi-country, multi-faceted project that aims 
at activating communities (or Kumusha’s) across Africa to create and 
contribute freely-licensed information, texts, images and media about 
their communities (villages, townships, suburbs, inner cities, etc) to 
an online platform. Kumusha is a Shona term meaning ‘the place where you 
come from’.

The project uses community journalism to gather, and encourage others to 
contribute, information on culture, notable persons, heritage, 
geographical features, transport nodes and other community-relevant 
subjects. It gives each community an online presence that is ‘owned’ by 
the community, and to which they can upload and provide information that 
can be pulled into Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and Open Street Map 

The project’s actions are designed to harness the power of technology to 
raise awareness of the richness of personal and community-based 
knowledge, encourage people across a vast range of socio-economic and 
age groups to contribute to the Wikipedias. By placing this information 
on the Wikipedias, it ensures that global representations of Africa are 
complex, layered and contextualised. The project and the resultant 
website will add immeasurably to the understanding of Africa by 
providing relevant information to every human being on the planet (from 
the people in each Kumusha community to any person in New York, Mumbai 
or Milan).

The project is currently in the pilot phase. In 2014, it will be 
activated in two countries: Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda. More information 
may be found about the project at : 

WikiAfrica is an international collaboration between the Africa Centre 
(www.africacentre.net) and Lettera27 (lettera27.org) that redresses the 
imbalance of factual heritage and cultural knowledge about Africa on 
Wikipedia. Its mission is to assist and support the growth of Wikipedia 
as a free and open encyclopaedia in order to provide greater access to 
Africa’s wealth of contemporary and historical realities. It does this 
by encouraging contribution from individuals, communities and 
institutions across Africa, by offering a new approach to knowledge by 
creating contribution opportunities that are engaging and easy to take 
part in.www.wikiafrica.org

The position
The Kumusha Takes Wiki is currently calling for applications from 
enthusiastic candidates in Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda to drive the project 
among selected communities in their home countries. This contract is a 
full time position for one year. Residence in the country of operation 
(either Côte d’Ivoire or Uganda) is mandatory, as is travel for a 
maximum of 2 months to attend a course in Cape Town.
Interested persons should apply by 11th December 2013.

The successful candidate will
- Compile data on the selected communities and countries
- Solicit and liaise with community projects, NGOs and partners to 
contribute to the project
- Organise and manage community events, competitions, workshops, mapping 
parties and conferences.
- Evaluate and compile reports on all events, competitions, workshops, 
mapping parties, and conferences
- Complete a project evaluation, review and audit
- Participate to online content management of the website/s and social 
media sites

Eligible candidates must be:
- A university degree graduate or hold relative diploma
- Fluent in either English or French, and in one of the major languages 
of Côte d’Ivoire or Uganda
- Experienced in community building and activation
- Highly organised and flexible
- Must be self-directed and able to complete projects with limited 
- Excellent oral and written communication skills, comfortable writing 
- Able to display online savvy and be proficient in Social Media. 
Proficiency with Google Drive
- Fully computer literate (proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook Express 
and ideally some open source equivalents)
- Passionate about Africa’s voice in the world

Advantageous traits
- Shows initiative
- Is energetic and proactive
- Is an implementer, and is able to find solutions
- Has the ability to see the bigger picture
- Has experienced in motivating, managing and/or working with volunteers
- Is knowledgeable about Wikimedia and its project’s practices
- Is dedicated to and has experience in the Open Movement (Creative 
Commons, Open Education Resources, Open Street Map project, etc.)

About the position:
Monthly remuneration: US$1,000 per month

Expectations: the successful candidate will be involved in three phases 
of the project:
- Remote training on Wikipedia and other Open Movement in home country,
- Course attendance in Cape Town, South Africa (Jan-Feb 2014), and
- In-field community activation, coordination and support (in Côte 
d’Ivoire or Uganda).

Work schedule: 5 day week; one year contract.
Benefits: Annual and sick leave.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa and Côte d’Ivoire or Uganda

How to apply:
Interested persons should apply by 11th December 2013.

Your application should include:
A cover letter with a motivation
Your CV (2 pages max.)

Should you not receive any response by the 15th of December please 
consider your application unsuccessful.

Contact details:
Isla Haddow-Flood and Florence Devouard
Email: wikiafrica (at) africacentre.net

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