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Schultz, Blaine Blaine.Schultz at transvoyant.com
Wed Dec 4 17:14:01 UTC 2013

I would like to introduce myself to the group, My name is Blaine Schultz and I represent a company called TransVoaynt. Our SaaS company empowers organizations to use live data feeds and a multi-dimensional predictive p;at form to identify opportunities and threats. I believe we may be able to assist the Red Cross with our Voyant CDI platform in the case of of an unfortunate future disaster. Our geospatial mapping technology allows for intelligence to be derived from our data feeds and delivered to ground users devices, interacting in real time. Our math is also passed to the devices, it does not remain in the cloud, this means a device can run a rule without connectivity. If there is any way we can get involved please contact me.
Blaine Schultz, Business Development Representative
Blaine.schultz at TransVoyant.com<mailto:Blaine.schultz at TransVoyant.com>


2600 Hill Country Blvd. R-275, Austin, TX 78738
Cell: 847-707-1947 | Office: 512-329-2852

Click here<http://www.transvoyant.com/products/geovigilance> to sign up for a free online demo of GeoVigilance(tm)
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