[HOT] Checking the new hot site?

clara clara at aktivix.org
Sat Dec 7 10:53:02 UTC 2013


we are currently updating the HOT website (Drupal 7) - and we are
currently checking whether everything works as it should.

For now it's mainly a software upgrade, and we need some people to look
at it to see whether everything still works as you know it.


At the moment there aren't many real changes - new functionality will
come as a next step. For now we just need to know whether we have
overlooked something.

One thing that still needs fixing: the small maps for projects will use
 the Humanitarian base layer.


And for those of you who have a login for the page there are three new

*Text editor:* There now is a format called "Text editor" with buttons
to edit the text instead of writing HTML tags.
*Inserting images:* Updates have a new field for images, combined with
an "Insert button" to place them in the text.
*Languages:* All content can be marked as English or French. That's
currently not used further, but already set up.

I'll describe it in more detail once we are done.


So, please have a look around and tell us if anything looks broken -
either by email or on IRC.


  New PGP key - on http://zimmermann.mayfirst.org/
  3FA3 B969 1B5B C789 9955 19DF 05DB 1254 C5CE 7A1E

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