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Felix Delattre maps at delattre.de
Mon Dec 9 18:00:01 UTC 2013

Dear HOT:

I think this is my first post to this list, so I should introduce
myself:  I'm Felix from Germany living in Nicaragua for some years now. 
I came to HOT as I was invited to speak at SOTM-US in San Francisco
about our Managua (Nicaragua's capital) mapping effort on transit
mapping [1]. I attended the BoF on HOT during the conference and Mikel
asked me to help out with the HOT website, as I'm a Drupal developer for
work. You are invited to check my website [2] or drupal.org profile [3]
for more information about my person.

Lately, I have been working together with Clara on the migration of the
Drupal 7 port and would like to get things pushed forward. But please
let me explain my motivation for that:

IMHO the website is as good as it the actual live site, or even a bit
better, although there are some open issues. We have not getting
reported mayor concerns so far for the Drupal 7 port. But we have a
somehow a little annoying situation: We already migrated content and
everything from the old site to the new Drupal 7 version. So any new
content and comments  have to be added manually now to the new website
(or we would need an automatic workflow which would be quite a lot of
work). Therefore I spent several hours on migrating newer content and
comments form the old site, added after the migration work started and I
would rather prefer to spend work into improving the website and fixing
bugs, than manual content migration.

So I would like to ask you to check the new website [4], report problems
to our issue queue [5] And give Draz(en and the website team (Clara and
myself) a thumbs up, so we can migrate anytime soon, please.

Thank you and have an excellent week.

[2] http://felix.delattre.de
[3] https://drupal.org/user/359937
[4] http://www.dev.hotosm.org
[5] https://github.com/hotosm/hotosm/issues?state=open

On 12/07/2013 04:53 AM, clara wrote:
> Hi,
> we are currently updating the HOT website (Drupal 7) - and we are
> currently checking whether everything works as it should.
> For now it's mainly a software upgrade, and we need some people to look
> at it to see whether everything still works as you know it.
>     http://www.dev.hotosm.org
> At the moment there aren't many real changes - new functionality will
> come as a next step. For now we just need to know whether we have
> overlooked something.
> One thing that still needs fixing: the small maps for projects will use
>  the Humanitarian base layer.
> -------------
> And for those of you who have a login for the page there are three new
> things:
> *Text editor:* There now is a format called "Text editor" with buttons
> to edit the text instead of writing HTML tags.
> *Inserting images:* Updates have a new field for images, combined with
> an "Insert button" to place them in the text.
> *Languages:* All content can be marked as English or French. That's
> currently not used further, but already set up.
> I'll describe it in more detail once we are done.
> ----------------
> So, please have a look around and tell us if anything looks broken -
> either by email or on IRC.
> greetings
> clara

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