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Hello Everyone,

Jason has recently traveled to the area affected by typhoon Haiyan to
provide satellite communications assistance to aid organizations
working in the affected areas through the use of satellite
communications equipment.  While there he has taken hundreds of ground
level pictures of damaged or affected areas as well as documenting
various POI data like schools, businesses, etc.

It would be good to have volunteers go through these photos (which are
geolocated) to try to glean as much map information from them as
possible.  I don't know what the best way to do this would be so I
will leave it to others more knowledgeable about such issues to
discuss and coordinate here on the list.

Also, Jason will be in the area for a few more days before returning
home so if there pressing issues in the nearby area to where he is
that need a ground survey of some sort to resolve he may also be able
to help with that if he is able.

Below is the original message he sent containing the link to the photos.

- -AndrewBuck

- -------- Original Message --------

Hey folks,

  Made a supply run to Cebu which wasn't destroyed.  Aside from the
glorious shower, I took advantage of the bandwidth to dump about half
the geo-tagged and partially annotated pics to a flickr acct.


  Have a lot more processing to do and reports to write up but thought
I'd pass it along.  Still working on extracting the traces from Delormes
stupid site and software but will pass those shortly.

  I should have much of the data along with a lot other collected
loaded in to GeoReliefs.com at some point as well.

NOTE: the overhead imagery lat-longs are generalized and not accurate
enough for simple automated geo-rectifying.  The off-the-shelf camera
app I was using was not sampling GPS quickly enough.  I'll probably
manually correct those.

NOTE: descriptions contain notes that I captured at point-of-capture as
I had time.  If you grep exif tag Description for "road" and/or "block"
and/or "bridge" you'll get all the road and bridge outages.


- -jason

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