[HOT] HOT continuous Activation in Central African Republic

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As you may know, since the Seleka rebellion took down Central African
Republic between December 2012 and March 2013, the country has slowly, but
deeply became a chaos encompassing murders, abuses, and increasing
violence, largely from reprisal attacks on civilians from Seleka's mainly
Muslim fighters and Christian militias called "anti-balaka" with a risk of
spiraling into genocide.
On December 4, UN Security Council had allowed both UN Peacekeepers and
French soldiers deployed in the country to pacify it and disarm the
fighting groups. France sent more soldiers in the country in the following
days. Unfortunately, it will likely take a lot of time for the country to

HOT has activated the OSM community since April 10, 2013 (see the post
A lot of the main towns have been mapped the road network has been largely
consolidated, especially in the Western half of the country. An import of
humanitarian data (health, education, water and sanitation) from UNICEF is
also ongoing. Even if some OSM mappers have contributed a lot, the
mobilization so far is not as high as this dramatic situation would
require. I hope that the massive remote response for the Philippines and
the outcomes it provided to the humanitarian responders in the field will
make this quite forgotten cause more supported.

The OSM wikipage for
been updated, describing the past and ongoing work with an Activation
section. New Tasking Manager Jobs <http://tasks.hotosm.org/> have been
recently created. If we get high resolution imagery where it currently
lacks (especially in the Southern Eastern part of the country, also
affected by the LRA), new ones will be added for these regions.

Please contribute by mapping CAR!


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