[HOT] Low Cost Android with Accurate GPS (GLONASS) for OSM Survey

Alex Rollin alex.rollin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 04:34:10 UTC 2013

It's a funny mix and I've had trouble identifying a good choice for
Indonesia. We have some issues with availability; not every product can be
had here instantly, sure, but, if it can be found on AliBaba we can order
it by Fedex.

Yes, I have been watching all the device threads.  This is a narrow
request, accounting for GPS and Android with a budget, so, it's OK if I
don't learn anything, but I was hoping I mind meet someone looking for the
same thing :)

Here is the basic criteria:

Low price (Less than USD150, preferrably under USD100(high risk of damage
and loss))
GLONASS or accurate GPS (not only A-GPS)
Android 4.0/4.1+ support
5 inches or larger

Can anybody recommend a device with these specifications?  It is used for
survey with Android data entry.

When it comes to the GPS most devices that actually incorporate GLONASS do
usually list that somewhere on the product, and so I have tended to shy
away from devices that don't list that support, but I am probably missing

I was hoping that this search would lead to a highly accurate definitive
list of GPS chipsets and software with a corresponding list of devices
within which they are deployed but no such luck.

Any advice is appreciated.

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