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Thanks Nick, that was a helpful kickstart.  The one query I still have 
is are all the blue structures tents? As you say, most have appeared 
where there was once a building and in some cases they are alongside.  
I've not tagged any as tents as most seem to be in place of a building 
or as well as a building so I wonder wether they are "tarps" that have 
been draped over ruins or damage?   So I've simply marked the building 
as damaged.



On 20/12/2013 00:18, Nick Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> Having just completed one of the squares for this task, a few notes 
> which may help (It's not easy, so be prepared to take your time & do 
> your best);
> If using JOSM, load not only the imagery linked to the task, but also 
> Bing or whatever imagery was first used. By hiding the different 
> layers you can then compare the before (Bing?) & after imagery to see 
> how the building has changed.
> Alignment - slightly different to the existing tracing. As usual no 
> gps traces available, but always worth trying.
> History - Be prepared to look at the history of buildings - on my 
> square someone had been creating new buildings using the post disaster 
> imagery 12 hours before I started - they were only tagged as 
> building=yes, so it took me a few minutes of investigation to work out 
> what had been done (Ctrl+h in JOSM will bring up the history of a 
> selected node or way).
> Tents - I'm fairly certain that at least two of the buildings added 12 
> hours ago are actually tents - they are on the site of old buildings 
> or nearby, but are a completely different outline. I've done a search 
> on the wiki, but nobody seems to have been mentioning tagging them 
> before - I've tagged mine 'building=tent' until someone comes up with 
> a better scheme.
> Nick
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> On 19/12/13 03:06, Banick, Robert wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Greetings from Manila.
>> As efforts to alleviate the damages from Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda in 
>> the Philippines shift from response to recovery the need for 
>> detailed, precise information about damages and recovery rates has 
>> become more pressing. Agencies are still investing lots in 
>> mass-distribution style emergency shelter relief but are already 
>> looking at the next stage of "supporting self-recovery" activities 
>> and the eventual move towards permanent shelter solutions.
>> One of the more affected municipalities in Haiyan's path is Carles, 
>> on the Northeastern tip of Panay Island. Much like the islands of 
>> neighboring municipality Estancia to the south, the exposed islands 
>> of Carles and the buildings along its shores were hit hard by the 
>> typhoon. Survivors are doing an inspiring job of putting their lives 
>> in order and moving on but the need for assistance and support is 
>> still real. We've create a task to support this process at: 
>> http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/392
>> To support that assistance process we'd like to assess the damages at 
>> a building-by-building level. Our hope is to better target assistance 
>> from aid agencies in the area, track reconstruction progress at a 
>> building level and verify the accuracy of these assessments through 
>> OSM for future work.
>> Thanks to the continued generosity of the U.S. State Department, 
>> we've been able to procure post-disaster imagery for the municipality 
>> of Carles on the northeast tip of Panay Island. Please download the 
>> imagery into your editing software of choice and be sure to insert 
>> the necessary tags to recognize the NextView license's part in the 
>> data so created.
>> Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and continued 
>> support. I cannot speak enough to how well received OSM is by 
>> government, NGOs and companies alike here. This operation represents 
>> a huge leap forward in terms of the credibility and recognition of 
>> OSM for disaster response purposes.
>> Best,
>> Robert
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