[HOT] New Task: Carles Post-Disaster Tracing

boris osm at mogwitz.eu
Fri Dec 20 09:44:31 UTC 2013


On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 12:18:24AM +0000, Nick Allen wrote:

> If using JOSM, load not only the imagery linked to the task, but
> also Bing or whatever imagery was first used. By hiding the
> different layers you can then compare the before (Bing?) & after
> imagery to see how the building has changed.

There is an another problem when comparing the post and pre imagery.
Depending on how much time is passed since the post imagery was taken,
there usually also happened "regular" construction/deconstruction work. 
Ok, new construction is easy: map the new objects.
But probable deconstruction? I've seen many places where buildings
disappeared (e.g. now a green empty place) and (often) a new building(s)
show up (usually bigger) a few metres away (of course also considering
possible misalignment of the imagery.)

> Tents - I'm fairly certain that at least two of the buildings added
> 12 hours ago are actually tents - they are on the site of old
> buildings or nearby, but are a completely different outline. I've
> done a search on the wiki, but nobody seems to have been mentioning
> tagging them before - I've tagged mine 'building=tent' until someone
> comes up with a better scheme.

Good point, may also use it. But I'm not sure these are always tent's
it maybe also huts built with reused roof parts e.g. (corrugated) metal 
sheeting (the newer colored sheetings I know of are usually painted white
on the back side). 
Maybe: building=temporary ? 
An the other hand there are some places where I'm not sure these 
"buildings" are temporary at all but more or less permanent !?


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