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Jonathan bigfatfrog67 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 15:42:29 UTC 2013

Excellent heads up with this styesheet.

It has highlighted to me a possible confusion I have.

There are 3 building scenarios as I understand it: 1. Undamaged Building 
2. Damaged Building 3. Destroyed Building

The tagging I understand for those three are:

1. Undamaged Building

2. Damaged Building

3. Destroyed Building

So, in 2 & 3 there is no longer a [building] tag and the stylesheet 
paints it Green.  In 1 there is no [damage] tag but the stylesheet 
doesn't paint it green even though it has [typhoon:reviewed] tag?

Any ideas. Thanks



On 20/12/2013 13:56, Pierre Béland wrote:
> Hi Mark
> JOSM is very powerful with various plugins, features. The Mappaint 
> functionality gives the opportunity to use a mapcss stylesheet to 
> color various objects.  Hjart contributor provides a Damaged buildings 
> Mapcss Style that is specific for editing for the typhoon. This is 
> very useful when reviewing the building status. Every time a buildings 
> is tagged with typhoon:reviewed=yes, it will be colored in green. This 
> make it a lot easier to review all the buildings in a task, since all 
> the buildings reviewed will be colored differently.
> To use this style, you need to select it in the Prerences. To do so:
> Select the Modify link in the Top menu, and then Preferences. In the 
> list of button on the left panel, Select the third button (ie. Grid 
> over WorldMap). Select the  Mappaint Tab.
> In the list of Styles available, Select Collapsed / Damaged buildings 
> and click validate to terminate.
> In the Editor window, among the right panels, you should see the 
> Mappaint Tab where Collapsed / Damaged buildings Mappaint Style will 
> be active.  If you dont see the Mappaint Tab, you will have to select 
> it from the list of available features in the left panel.
> From there you should find edting easier. For every building where you 
> add typhoon:reviewed=yes, you should see it colored in green.
> Pierre

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