[HOT] Using Haiti OSM Data for recovery assessment

Abhishek abhishek.nagaraj at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 19:31:32 UTC 2013


I'm looking to work on a data project that tries to understand the
spatial distribution of the recovery process in Haiti since the
earthquake in Jan, 2010.

These are the ideas I have had so far:
- map where the new schools / hospitals etc have opened
- map the current status of houses that were marked as damaged
- map the status of roads that were closed and new road construction
- map the current status of internal migration camps (have they decreased?)

I was thinking of using satellite imagery to get at some of these
questions, but it struck me that OSM might be a more convenient way to
get at these them, provided we are able to capture things like new
school openings / hospital openings and the fixing of houses / roads.
There is very little data about how the recovery process is going, and
this would be a crucial input to making people aware of the nature of
the problem.

Does anyone have a sense if OSM data will be useful for what I'm
trying to do? I gather that data in PaP might be more uptodate, but
I'm particularly interested in the measuring activity in the
semi-urban / rural areas, because I have a hunch that the recovery
effort has neglected a lot of places.

Any ideas on going forward would be great.


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