[HOT] New Task: Carles Post-Disaster Tracing

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Hi All,

I proposed the switch to a "damage=" tag to this community about a month ago and received a positive response, albeit from few voices. When I brought this up again at SOTM-PH it was also well received. As such I think we should switch to using the "damage=" tagging schema and move away from tagging damages in the building tag.

The rendering on this may lag at the moment but is easy enough to catch up - Yohan has already signaled that he can switch quickly.


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Wanting to contribute to the post-disaster assessments in Philippines, I read the discussion about tags and rendering. As Pierre's tip about the mapcss was useful for everyone, I added it in the workflow tab in the job I wanted to contribute (http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/360). Would be good to have a defintive statement regarding Jonathan's questions and put it in the workflow as well, so that there is no doubt about the tagging.



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Excellent heads up with this styesheet.

It has highlighted to me a possible confusion I have.

There are 3 building scenarios as I understand it: 1. Undamaged Building
2. Damaged Building 3. Destroyed Building

The tagging I understand for those three are:

1. Undamaged Building

2. Damaged Building

3. Destroyed Building

So, in 2 & 3 there is no longer a [building] tag and the stylesheet
paints it Green.  In 1 there is no [damage] tag but the stylesheet
doesn't paint it green even though it has [typhoon:reviewed] tag?

Any ideas. Thanks


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