[HOT] Mali and Syria

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 20:46:46 GMT 2013

Hi all,

I'll publish a blog update on Monday that might encourage more people to
participate; in short, mapping products including osm data are being
provided to aid agencies working on the ground in and around Syria. They
look great and people are really thankful that they can get osm data. A
definite success story and we're still in very early days!

Thinking of the three recent activations, could someone come up with an
overview post for the main osm blog? That should help our profile within
the osm community and will be the sort of thing that could be disseminated
to a wider audience. If nothing else we might be able to gain some
publicity off the back of the recent MapMaker coverage.

Speaking of blogs, I think all us coordinators should be making a real
effort to publish regular updates. It's certainly something I'm very
conscious of.

In other news, we've just started organising a Syria mapping party within
our local osm group. Hopefully we'll get people involved that are new to
both HOT and osm. If anyone reading this is in Oxford, come along! If
you're not in Oxford organise your own event! There's free HOT stickers and
badges for any local groups (once I've had them made...)

Thanks to everyone who is looking at the Task Manager and getting jobs
finished, it has a massive positive impact.

Happy Friday everyone! Joseph
On 1 Feb 2013 19:45, "Norman Rathmann" <info at laxmi-reisen.de> wrote:

> Hi Pierre and Joseph
> There are 5 Mali and 3 active Syria and 7 waiting Syria jobs and it seems
> they are really important
> When i am looking daily how many people are mapping for HOT, i guess it
> will take a long time
> you never thought of making little promotion to get more active mappers?
> i am mapping daily, but sometime it feels hopeless to finished all of this
> jobs in a good time
> and i think, that the people need this data soon (maybe i am wrong and
> time is enough there)
> Norman
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