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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 3 17:26:46 GMT 2013

Thanks Tom to participate to this humanitarian operation. This is the way I started to collaborate with HOT three years ago with the Haiti Earthquake. This is a very interesting way to learn how to edit with OSM.  OSM and HOT are also social communities were everybody is pleased to help. It is then import to use the various social networks of OSM to communicate with other contributors. This way, it is fun and you learn more rapidly.  I cc your mail to the HOT list. The channels used by the HOT community to coordinate these activations are :
HOT Discussion List http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/hot
HOT Chat irc://irc.oftc.net/hot
Wiki page OSM irc chat.

I am not sure to understand properly your problem, but let me first explain you briefly the way the Task Manager operates. This may also help others to better understand the process.

The task manager is a tool to coordinate the many contributors editing simultaneously in the same area. It simply let you select a zone, bring the data into your editor and when you have finished, confirm to other contributors that you have finished editing the zone covered by the tile.  To avoid collision between mappers, it is always important to reload the data from the database when you start editing a zone. And the Task manager faciliates this operation.

When you select a tile to edit, a panel offers you the possibility to edit with various editors. There are buttons for JOSM, Potlatch2 and Walking Papers. In your case, since you work with JOSM, you you simply click on the JOSM button to import the OSM data for this zone into JOSM.  If any problem arises while the data is transfered, you may click again on the JOSM button. This will simply try to import the data into JOSM and will not create duplicates since JOSM compares the database contents with what you already imported into JOSM.

Once you have finish editing, you save the data to the OSM database with adding the comment as suggested in the Task Manager. To confirm that you finished editing this tile, you then confirm in the Task manager that you finished editing this tile.

There are various situations that may happens. If you forget to confirm and somebody later select again the tile, he will simply see that the work is done.  If you indicate by mistake that the work is done, you can simply select the tile for validation and invalidate indicating that some work is to be done.

If it is a problem with the data, that you created duplicates, it is possible to import the data again in JOSM and look at any problem. I did it simply for the changeset ID is 14888633.  I browsed this changeset : http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/14888633

Under the image of the zone edited, I selected to edit the zone with JOSM. This imported the data in JOSM for validation. I see that some  orphan electric poles without any line connecting them. You can simply correct this by adding the line and saving your result to the OSM database.

So I am at your first question were I dont understand what you are trying to do. Are you asking to revert the changeset to comeback to the situation before you saved the result into the OSM database? 
How do I back out a change?  I dont think that you want to revert your changeset since no data was erased. Since you only added data, it is easy to correct by importing again the zone and correct what was done.


Pierre Béland
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

and Coordinator for Mali and DR Congo Activations

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>How do I back out a change? I picked up three tasks for Homs. On the first one, not understanding the tools properly, I failed to download existing data from the map and hence ended up duplicating it in spots. Someone may have come in after me, so I suppose the choices are to back out my changes with some risk, or go in and clean it up detail by detail. I'm quite willing to do the latter -- I started to do so with the help of the JOSM validation tool, but wondered if a complete back-out would be better.
>The changeset ID is 14888633.
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