[HOT] Tasking Manager Interchange

Om G om.imap at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 14:55:56 GMT 2013

In the interest of expanding everyone's horizons... :)

I'm wondering if the tasking manager is able to provide some kind of feed. The SBTF is getting ready to use PyBossa (http://blog.okfn.org/category/okf-projects/pybossa/) as a microtasking manager. I was thinking that we could provide a list of volunteer opportunities. The SBTF has a lot of downtime where we lose engagement with volunteers. This would expand their understanding and provide needed work.

We could just point people to the OSM TaskMgr, but this raises a larger point. We might be able to generate much greater interest and capacity by unifying the experience a bit.

Cross pollination of volunteers is a great thing, as their enthusiasm will spread outward.

What's the landscape?

OSM Tasking Manager
Frontline SMS
Crisis Tracker

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