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Oh yeah. I came across Pybossa the other day for some other reason (and http://crowdcrafting.org which I guess is a site deploying it in various ways) 

Another one to add to your list is http://mapmill.org (the one we used for Sandy) which is closer to Pybossa style tasks.

They are more mini microtask thing than the HOT tasks have tended to be, but that doesn't mean the ideas can't brought together somehow in a useful way. Simpler aerial imagery assessment microtasks could provide data used to set up boundaries for the HOT tasking manager perhaps. If nothing else this could be inspiration for new features of the HOT tasking manager.


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In the interest of expanding everyone's horizons... :)
I'm wondering if the tasking manager is able to provide some kind of feed. The SBTF is getting ready to use PyBossa (http://blog.okfn.org/category/okf-projects/pybossa/) as a microtasking manager. I was thinking that we could provide a list of volunteer opportunities. The SBTF has a lot of downtime where we lose engagement with volunteers. This would expand their understanding and provide needed work.

We could just point people to the OSM TaskMgr, but this raises a larger point. We might be able to generate much greater interest and capacity by unifying the experience a bit.

Cross pollination of volunteers is a great thing, as their enthusiasm will spread outward.

What's the landscape?

OSM Tasking Manager
Frontline SMS
Crisis Tracker

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