[HOT] Tell Your Story (FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013)

Fernando correo at fernando.com.ar
Tue Feb 19 13:49:40 GMT 2013

Dear all,

The FOSS4G Buenos Aires is getting closer.
I have been talking with Séverin and Humberto.

In one hand, Séverin will be giving a talk presenting HOT, its history, 
tools, objectives, and leading the HOT workshop with my close collaboration.
In the other, we hope to have Humberto presenting their project in La 
Boquilla, the budget only allow us to do it via Skype, but I have been 
wondering if theres any chance to get him to Buenos Aires somehow with 
the HOT sponsorship (May be just plane tickets, as I could host him) as 
it would be just great to have him teamed up with Séverin at the 
workshops and getting in touch with other key people interested in HOT.

I hope we will be polishing the details the upcoming days, as we are 
getting the talks and workshops confirmed and published in the website.

HOT have been granted:

- A 30-50 minute presentation.
- A one day HOT mapping workshop at weekend.
- A lot of attention from local and foreign professionals from risk 
management, social, economical and environmental agencies.

We have confirmed speakers from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Catalunya, 
Colombia, México, Spain, USA, so its a great opportunity to strengthen 
worldwide relationships.

We are confident that this will be a success!
Thanks a lot.
Fernando Sanz.

> On 23/01/13 12:01, Mikel Maron wrote:
>> Humberto
>> The project in La Boquilla is really great. Would be great to 
>> highlight that elsewhere ... any chance of a post (in English) for 
>> the HOT blog or such?
>> -Mikel
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>>     Hi Fernando:
>>     Actually I'm working in La Boquilla [1] (Cartagena, Colombia)
>>     looking to resolve the question ¿how OSM maps can contribute to
>>     economic & sustainable development?  We do a participatory
>>     mapping activity with locals and university students [2] and the
>>     resulting map is used in workshops with the community [3].  We
>>     create this interactive map [4] to share with stakeholders,
>>     showing how conservancy is the sinergy way for competitiveness.
>>      Now we are lobbiying with local tourism authority and hotels, to
>>     use map for promote ecotourism and create a social system to
>>     measures services quality & enviromental commitment of ecotourism
>>     associations.
>>     ¿How to team up? Just an idea:
>>     1.  Severin could do a HOT general presentation, with actual
>>     Asia-Africa projects;
>>     2.  Julio and I could complement by skype about Chile and
>>     Colombia mapping activities (related with HOT mission)
>>     Please let me know about your comments,
>>     Humberto Yances
>>     [1] http://bit.ly/laboquilla
>>     [2] http://ceelat.org/mapas/mapeo-participativo-en-la-boquilla/
>>     [3] pic.twitter.com/zVEmHRV8 <http://pic.twitter.com/zVEmHRV8>
>>     pic.twitter.com/zVEmHRV8 <http://pic.twitter.com/zVEmHRV8>
>>     [4] http://ceelat.org/mapas/laboquilla/
>>     2013/1/22 Fernando <correo at fernando.com.ar
>>     <mailto:correo at fernando.com.ar>>
>>         Estimado Humberto.
>>         Thanks for writing.
>>         As you might have noticed, Séverin Menard applied for a
>>         presentation and workshops regarding HOT, and also Julio
>>         Costa Zambelli (OSM Chile) kindly offered his help. So I
>>         would like to know how you could team up and join efforts to
>>         make it as best as possible.
>>         My Skype is "deytec" and my gtalk is cypher.ar at gmail.com
>>         <mailto:cypher.ar at gmail.com>
>>         Lets get in touch!
>>         Thanks a lot,
>>         Fernando.
>>         On 19/12/12 12:23, hyances at gmail.com
>>         <mailto:hyances at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>         Hi Fernando!
>>>         Please count with our help & support from Colombia
>>>         community, we have done several humanitarian activities for
>>>         floods and economic development.  I'm HOT member and my
>>>         pleassure in whatever I can help.
>>>         Regards,
>>>         Humberto Yances
>>>         2012/12/17 Fernando <correo at fernando.com.ar
>>>         <mailto:correo at fernando.com.ar>>
>>>             Mikel
>>>             Thanks for your reply.
>>>             Yes we had, I was already part of it, I suscribed to the
>>>             mailing list a long time ago.
>>>             We had reached them via email, and now I did via
>>>             /users:Argentina/ forum.
>>>             I'm in the process of doing so in the other
>>>             hispanic/latinamerican forums as well.
>>>             Regarding nearby HOTties (wouldnt HOTites be better?
>>>             :P), how could I reach them?
>>>             Thanks!
>>>             Fernando.
>>>             On 17/12/12 12:57, Mikel Maron wrote:
>>>>             Hey Fernando
>>>>             Looks fun. I assume you've reached out to the OSM
>>>>             Argentina community?
>>>>             http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Argentina
>>>>             As for nearby HOTties, both Colombia and Chile have had
>>>>             significant responses.
>>>>             Best
>>>>             Mikel
>>>>             * Mikel Maron * +14152835207 @mikel s:mikelmaron
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