[HOT] Fwd: [OSM-talk] Keypad-Mapper 3 released - (Modify for Targeted Collection?)

Dave Corley davecorley at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 16:51:31 UTC 2013

Kate et al,

Take a look at OSMTracker in the Google Play Store. Its a free, offline GPS
tracker with fast POI placement shortcuts and I've been using it for over a
year. Keypad mapper is great, for its purpose, collecting house numbers
(personally for that task I use another app, OSMPad, but they are
essentially the same thing). Thats why it was created as apps like
OSMTracker are great at collecting other things but poor at high volume,
fine detail like house numbers where the data being recorded requires
slower, more manual recording every few steps. Same applies to Vespucci,
great for on the ground, on the fly editing and uploading, but slow to use
as a POI marking tool if you have a lot to do.

Different apps are great at different things.

The reasons I am suggesting OSMTracker are as follows:
- Allows photos to be taken, which are tied to that location in the
outputed gpx file (appear as clickable img links in josm)
- As above, but also with voice notes (appear as clickable audio links in
- As above, but also with text notes (appear as text alongside gpx trace)
- Comes with a large amount of preset's which allow for features to be
marked on the ground in a split second, allows for fast recording on the
move this way
- Preset POI buttons can be modified, see here
- GPX can be loaded direct to OSM site
- When loaded into JOSM, all notes, photos, etc show up at their recorded
- You can view the live OSM slippy map with your track and any records
you've made, inside the app, while you are still recording your trace (very
handy to spot if you've missed a street when surveying

and finally, the biggest plus, for me anyway, is that when you are on the
ground, you spend your time surveying/recording, not editing & uploading.
That's done later on a PC where its easier to use something like JOSM to
make your edits faster and with greater accurracy. When I'm surveying I
don't want to be messing around trying to get a data signal or fiddling
around trying to make out a single node on a touch screen on a bright
summers day. With this, you just need GPS and an android phone.

In terms of getting something specific for HOT needs, as mentioned, you can
also customise the button layout which, for example in Mali, you could use
to record water wells, clinics, places of worships, cattle pens etc.

Some links-
- http://code.google.com/p/osmtracker-android/
- http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSMtracker - Original OSMTracker for
Windows phone (dont know much about this, assume its roughly the same)
- http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSMtracker_(Android) - Android version
- note: different developer to Windows version

Hope this was of some help.

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