[HOT] Need help for Walking papers / Field papers...

Thomas Williamson wiltoma at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 22:40:22 UTC 2013


I had no success on the talk-fr french OSM mailing list so I try to ask HOT
mappers that could be used to Walking papers / Field papers mapping method.

I can't find how to display a Walking paper (or Field paper) that I have
previously printed out and annotated in the field in either Potlatch2 or
JOSM. I have tried to use the JOSM specific plugin (
it does not work !

I have noticed that the last Walking papers updates on Walking
papers<http://walkingpapers.org/> website
were very old (>250 days old)... This website has probably become unused
after the new Field papers <http://fieldpapers.org/> one was launched. But
the latter one does not seem to allow a display of a printed paper through
Potlatch2 or JOSM.

When reading the wikis and various websites about OSM, it seems quite
obvious that these printed papers can then be displayed in both editors,
but I have found no explanations on how to do it...

I hope you can help me... Many thanks in advance !


*Thomas Williamson*
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Courriel : wiltoma [at] gmail.com
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