[HOT] Typhoon Haiyan Mapping Progress

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 18:22:23 UTC 2013

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I am happy to report that we have been getting a great response to the
Tacloban tracing task to respond to typhoon Haiyan.  The task manager
has been very busy, and we are just passing the 24 hour mark since the
job was first set up.  So far there have been 33 people who have
marked at least one tile complete (no doubt a few more worked in the
area but didn't finish their tile and we welcome these changes, too).
 Collectively we have mapped just over 10,000 buildings which by my
very rough estimate is something like 25% of the buildings in the city
(although it is hard to make a good estimate since the city is so
varied from one place to another).

Although the storm affected a very wide area and we will likely
receive more detailed requests from aid organizations in the days that
follow, the initial idea of focusing on Tacloban seems to have been
correct as the eye of the storm passed just south of there (since the
storm traveled westward, areas to the north of the eye will get
slightly more wind damage than areas to the south of the eyewall).  No
thorough damage assessments have been carried out yet as the storm has
just passed the area a few hours ago, but already we know that there
was significant wind damage to the city, as well as major flooding
from the storm surge driven by the hurricane.  Initial estimates
indicate that when it made landfall, this typhoon had higher
windspeeds than any recorded typhoon in history (at the point of
landfall), with sustained winds in excess of 190 mph.

Thank you to all who have contributed so far and are continuing to
respond to this request.  We are beginning to hear from aid
organizations that they are planning various responses and when we get
more concrete information from them on where our efforts can be best
directed details will be posted here.  Not only will your work help
them in this case, but the area will be that much more prepared when
the next storm hits this area (this is after all, the 25th major storm
to hit the Philippines just this year).

- -AndrewBuck
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