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Il 10/ott/2013 12:32 "maning sambale" <emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com> ha
> Hi,
> Coming off from a training with the staff of a local government, we
> realized that there are more smartphones than GPS units.
> As an initial test, we showed them how to use the default phototagging
> feature as a tool for collecting field data.  In some cases,
> this turned out to be unreliable which I already encountered in the past
> Our plan is to create a learning material about using smartphones
> (preferably free download, opensource and, android-based) we can
> distribute to the participants.
> What OSM mapping app do you use for your phones?
> So far I've seen the following:
> 1. GPS Essentials - too many features IMO and can overwhelm new users
> 2. OSMAnd - good offline maps routable map based on OSM, haven't
> tested the mapping tools other than the OSMbug reporting
> 3. GPSlogger - simple lightweight datalogger
> 4. Keypadmapper - only for housenumber mapping, I've seen a mention of
> phototagging in newer versions but haven't tested.
> 5. OSMtracker - not yet tested
> 6. Vespucci - not yet tested
> Any other app?

Ad already mentioned, in your case I would suggest OSM Tracker.
Not open source (but the developer is active in this field) best choice
would be Geopaparazzi for it's simplicity.
The most complete androip app I use is Locus, not open source but worth the
few euros asked.

Consider also the Ushahidi project (open source) that has a quite
interesting androip app for collecting data in problematic environment.

Alessandro Fanna
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