[HOT] Walls in Pakistan villages

Tom Taylor tom.taylor.stds at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 01:03:01 UTC 2013

I couldn't decide what to do with what certainly appeared to be water 
flow paths because sometimes it appeared they were being used as tracks.


On 12/10/2013 9:48 AM, dies38061 at mypacks.net wrote:
> Hello - I have been prone to including walls in the mapping, not because
> they help to delineate travel routes (access to contents of walled
> compounds) but because of the apparent protection they would provide
> against flooding as the areas I have mapped appear to be in the midst
> of intermittent heavy water flows (and I have been tracing major
> apparent waterflow paths as waterway=wadi).
> However, I agree that this is not part of the minimum to be counted
> toward completion of an area.  I've found a few areas where an editor
> has marked an area as done with the completion note something like 'but
> buildings are not mapped' -- I've reverted these completions and
> returned the areas to the work pool.  I suggest that upon closing an
> area, you indicate "compound walls present but not mapped", again though
> as a non-essential addition to the commentary on a region.
> Regards -- ceyockey (Courtland)

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