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This is a discussion we already had for Haiyan on the Coordination room with OCHA and Red Cross. For major activations, it would surely be important to have an Imagery monitoring tool that give to various actors the capacity to visualize the same info, add various entries / tickets containing AOI's bbox coordinates. A map could synthetise the various AOI's and imageries available, the possibility of the various actors to comment on a specific task / request would be also important.

For Haiyan, while we had many imageries for Tacloban, there were areas where it took a long delay to obtain imagery. To have a better Imagery Monitoring tools would surely have helped. 

One essential aspect we should not forget, it is important that the coordinators be informed of the various groups that try to find imagery.

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Mikel -

Right on, we need to work on coordinating imagery needs in emergencies.

I've been involved a couple of times in the past in sourcing imagery for emergencies and the key challenge for someone who's between the responding community and potential sources like e. g. Digital Globe is to: 

a) find out what is needed
b) find out who is already trying to source what is needed

The resulting confusion are me sending out obnoxiously duplicative questions in times where I shouldn't waste people's time.
As the specs for a software tool are coming together here I have a suggestion for a very bare minimum measure:

Use a Github repo and issues for requesting imagery. Each issue should describe the imagery needed with a http://geojson.io/ polygon describing the extent and should say what resolution is needed / purpose the imagery is needed for. There is one repo per incident. As soon as someone starts sourcing imagery they should say so on the corresponding issue.

You could easily iterate from such a practice to a more integrated tool.


On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Everyone
>In conversation among the Guinea Ebola activation coordinators, we discussed the need and potential for a software tool for coordination of imagery requests. I wanted to share that idea here, and maybe we can expand on the requirements and possible implementations on list and at the technical working group.
>We have more options than ever for imagery for activations, and a lot of conversations going on at once. What's needed is something to collectively coordinate our options, to avoid inevitable crossing of wires.
>Such a system would include
>* Make and track Area of Instance boundaries.
>* Form for standard set of questions when requesting imagery (ie justifying humanitarian need)
>* Show available Bing imagery for those areas.
>* Show available imagery from other providers.
>* Links to associated tasking manager jobs.
>* Comments/interaction on each AOI, so coordinators and imagery providers can stay informed of progress.
>* Flexible permission/visibility.
>Look forward to hearing from those interested on this idea!
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