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I know some locations in Damascus. And in Homs governorate. But not in a priority zone.

But I can try to figure out how I can involve more syrians from different areas and cities, or work with them on specific features.

And also: I didn't find any layers about the destructions. I think it would be a very interesting information. I remember that you use to map it. Am I wrong?


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Hi Hanan


The Syrian Activation has been going for some time, but not recently under an active projects. The exceptions have been import of data for refugee camps in northern Jordan by UNHCR.


There is still definitely a need to improve coverage in Syria. Are there any particular regions that you have knowledge of, and that could use greater detail, like the location and names of specific services? Perhaps we can examine the state of things and think through some new tasks.


Thanks for your interest.



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I'm very interested by the "Syria Activation" project. It will be very helpful for so many projects (UN or small local initiatives!).
I would be glad to participate.
I know well the country and the language (I'm syrian although I grew up abroad). And I have a long experience with GIS and geographic data, data quality, data analysis, web-mapping, etc...
How can we know more about the timeline of the project? And the tasks?




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