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[Reposting my call last week to the CrisisMappers list for those of you on

The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) at the
World Bank is trying to track down school location information for a
prototype platform in improving our collective knowledge of school
locations to improve our collaboration between improving school safety and
establishing a better baseline on data collection, opening, sharing, and
ultimately improving the safety of schools everywhere -- structurally, for
disaster response purposes, and for improving resiliency.

To that extent, GFDRR is putting a call out for data, looking for online
sources, initiatives, projects and people who are collecting this data and
would be open to a discussion about sharing their existing data with other

A few key points to underline:

   - GFDRR is looking for data sources outside of OSM; we've already pulled
   down the extracts for current, global school building data so ours is not a
   question of how to download directly from OSM.
   - This is currently an internal exercise focusing on data collection and
   collaboration, shared among key partners working on school safety, and as
   such not meant for public consumption or existing operations until
   critical, programmatic issues are addressed and resolved: removing PII,
   considering child and staff safety, and government partnerships, to name a
   few examples.
   - Any format is fine: shape files, databases, or (as usual) CSV files.

It's our hope that the data collected for this project can also be fed back
into OSM, especially as we are diff'ing these sources to existing data to
see how these stack up and perhaps making a better case for considering OSM
an authoritative source from the start, even where no source is included in
the metadata.

Any leads, please share with the list or feel free to email me directly.

Thank you,
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