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I have done a lot of work on that in Kosovo, recently the elections places
have been mapped and many of them are in schools. I am interested to hear
about any efforts on this area, and was thinking that we need a tasking
manager for data points not just areas, so for going through lists of
things to edit.

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 3:48 PM, Rob Baker <rrbaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Reposting my call last week to the CrisisMappers list for those of you on
> both.]
> The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) at the
> World Bank is trying to track down school location information for a
> prototype platform in improving our collective knowledge of school
> locations to improve our collaboration between improving school safety and
> establishing a better baseline on data collection, opening, sharing, and
> ultimately improving the safety of schools everywhere -- structurally, for
> disaster response purposes, and for improving resiliency.
> To that extent, GFDRR is putting a call out for data, looking for online
> sources, initiatives, projects and people who are collecting this data and
> would be open to a discussion about sharing their existing data with other
> sources.
> A few key points to underline:
>    - GFDRR is looking for data sources outside of OSM; we've already
>    pulled down the extracts for current, global school building data so ours
>    is not a question of how to download directly from OSM.
>    - This is currently an internal exercise focusing on data collection
>    and collaboration, shared among key partners working on school safety, and
>    as such not meant for public consumption or existing operations until
>    critical, programmatic issues are addressed and resolved: removing PII,
>    considering child and staff safety, and government partnerships, to name a
>    few examples.
>    - Any format is fine: shape files, databases, or (as usual) CSV files.
> It's our hope that the data collected for this project can also be fed
> back into OSM, especially as we are diff'ing these sources to existing data
> to see how these stack up and perhaps making a better case for considering
> OSM an authoritative source from the start, even where no source is
> included in the metadata.
> Any leads, please share with the list or feel free to email me directly.
> Thank you,
> R
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