[HOT] Feedback Requested for Tasking Manager Design Project

Monique Mitchell moniquemitchell55 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 16:06:06 UTC 2014

Happy Friday Folks!

***Quick Summary***

Students from the University of Colorado at Boulder are working on a class
project that is looking at possible design enhancements to version 2.0 of
the Tasking Manager. We’re focusing on macro-level themes and would love
your contribution and feedback.

***Full Description***

I wanted to send an email to this listserv first to introduce myself—my
name is Monique Mitchell and I’m a graduate student here at CU Boulder.
Myself and some fellow graduate students love the work that HOT does and as
a final project for our Social Computer course with Professor Leysia Palen
have been looking at the design of the HOT Tasking Manager from a
constructive perspective.

We have been working under the advisement of one of the HOT members—Robert
Soden—as well as have gotten a bit of guidance from Mikel Maron.  We've
done a number of in-class exercises that allowed us to gather user feedback
from our classmates.  We have also been absorbing as much data that we can
on the extant conversations regarding the Tasking Manager (via this
listserv’s archives, github repo, user feedback, etc.).  We understand that
Tasking Manager 2.0 is underway and have looked closely at its design.  Our
focus has been to address such macro themes/needs as:

Integration of the Ecosystem

...netween the HOT website, the Tasking Manger, OSM, the various training
resources available, etc.

...to help minimize confusion and maximize effectiveness via design while
maintaining the spirit of the community

Stronger Social Features and

...how these can be leveraged to improve the onboarding/training of new

...how these can help incentive folks to map more consistently

...how these can help increase validation rates and accuracy

At this point I wanted to open up the conversation in case anyone here had
some comments/feedback on more macro-level design ideas for the Tasking
Manager. We recognize that any ideas we have are only as valuable as they
meets the needs of the community. Lastly, we acknowledge the preliminary
nature of our work while maintaining that it is an important task and as
such we hope that any contribution we make can help move the conversation
forward in new and exciting ways.

If you do have any feedback either now, or once a mockup is made available,
please feel free respond on the listserv or to send myself an email (
moniquemitchell55 at gmail.com) at any point in time. Or, if you’d prefer to
talk to me on the phone or via Skype, send me a personal email and we can
exchange information and find a mutually agreeable time. I hope that the
results of this exercise would be useful to HOT and any input from the
community would help ensure it's aligned with your goals and vision.

>From Colorful Colorado,

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